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System change

I get a lot of points on l_points, but looking at the breakdown, 90% of it is points from calesthenics. Though calesthenics are important, they won't save my health if I'm eating junk food and staying up all night. To remedy this, jenn1224 has thought up a new point system, one that I think is fabulous and well balanced.


1 point for every five up to 100
1 point for every fifty after 100
Examples: 50 calisthenics = 10 points
100 calisthenics = 20 points
200 calisthenics = 22 points
1000 calisthenics = 38 points

1 point for every minute of strenuous exercise (something like
running) up to 30 minutes
1 point for every 15 minutes of strenuous exercise after 30 minutes
2 minutes of non-strenuous exercise (such as walking) counts as 1 minute
Examples: 10 minutes of running = 10 points
10 minutes of walking = 5 minutes of running = 5 points
30 minutes of running = 30 points
45 minutes of running = 31 points
30 minutes of running and 30 minutes of walking = 45 minutes of
running = 31 points

Eating Well:
5 points each for a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner
5 points (total) for healthy snacks.
Deciding what makes a healthy meal or snack is up to the discretion
of each l-goolber. No partial credit. It's either a healthy meal or
it's not.
5 points for resisting weak foods (here, partial credit is allowed)
1 point for each serving of fruits/vegetables
Examples: healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, no craving
cave-ins, five fruits/vegetables = 30 points

1 point for every hour of sleep, up to 8
2 points for taking some "me time" and doing something relaxing
Examples: 8 hours of sleep and "me time" = 10 points

full points for 64 oz of fluids (10 points) or 1 point for every 8 oz
any non-caffeinated beverage counts
Examples: 32 oz = 4 points
64 oz = 10 points
64 oz of coffee = 0 points

5 points for posting point totals within 1 day
Examples: points for 5/1 posted by 11:59pm 5/2 = 5 points
points for 5/1 posted on 5/3 (or not at all) = 0 points

A "good" day might look like this:
100 calisthenics = 20 points
30 minutes of exercise = 30 points
healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and two healthy snacks = 20 points
no junk food = 5 points
5 servings fruits/veggies = 5 points
8 hours of sleep = 8 points
"me time" = 2 points
64 oz of fluids = 10 points
Total = 100 points (plus 5 point bonus for posting)

For the most part exercise makes up 30% of the total, eating healthy
is 30%, calisthenics is another 20%, and then water and rest makes up
the last 20%, which seemed like a fair breakdown to me. I [jenn1224] think that
having a bonus for participation keeps everyone motivated to post
their results which will in turn keep everyone more motivated to stay


Feel free to add suggestions or changes, as well as asking questions. Please comment with your thoughts on the new system, as well as voting with a 'yes', 'no' or reccomending changes. If it is approved by next Saturday, it will go into effect.
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