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System change

I get a lot of points on l_points, but looking at the breakdown, 90% of it is points from calesthenics. Though calesthenics are important, they won't save my health if I'm eating junk food and staying up all night. To remedy this, jenn1224 has thought up a new point system, one that I think is fabulous and well balanced.


1 point for every five up to 100
1 point for every fifty after 100
Examples: 50 calisthenics = 10 points
100 calisthenics = 20 points
200 calisthenics = 22 points
1000 calisthenics = 38 points

1 point for every minute of strenuous exercise (something like
running) up to 30 minutes
1 point for every 15 minutes of strenuous exercise after 30 minutes
2 minutes of non-strenuous exercise (such as walking) counts as 1 minute
Examples: 10 minutes of running = 10 points
10 minutes of walking = 5 minutes of running = 5 points
30 minutes of running = 30 points
45 minutes of running = 31 points
30 minutes of running and 30 minutes of walking = 45 minutes of
running = 31 points

Eating Well:
5 points each for a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner
5 points (total) for healthy snacks.
Deciding what makes a healthy meal or snack is up to the discretion
of each l-goolber. No partial credit. It's either a healthy meal or
it's not.
5 points for resisting weak foods (here, partial credit is allowed)
1 point for each serving of fruits/vegetables
Examples: healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, no craving
cave-ins, five fruits/vegetables = 30 points

1 point for every hour of sleep, up to 8
2 points for taking some "me time" and doing something relaxing
Examples: 8 hours of sleep and "me time" = 10 points

full points for 64 oz of fluids (10 points) or 1 point for every 8 oz
any non-caffeinated beverage counts
Examples: 32 oz = 4 points
64 oz = 10 points
64 oz of coffee = 0 points

5 points for posting point totals within 1 day
Examples: points for 5/1 posted by 11:59pm 5/2 = 5 points
points for 5/1 posted on 5/3 (or not at all) = 0 points

A "good" day might look like this:
100 calisthenics = 20 points
30 minutes of exercise = 30 points
healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and two healthy snacks = 20 points
no junk food = 5 points
5 servings fruits/veggies = 5 points
8 hours of sleep = 8 points
"me time" = 2 points
64 oz of fluids = 10 points
Total = 100 points (plus 5 point bonus for posting)

For the most part exercise makes up 30% of the total, eating healthy
is 30%, calisthenics is another 20%, and then water and rest makes up
the last 20%, which seemed like a fair breakdown to me. I [jenn1224] think that
having a bonus for participation keeps everyone motivated to post
their results which will in turn keep everyone more motivated to stay


Feel free to add suggestions or changes, as well as asking questions. Please comment with your thoughts on the new system, as well as voting with a 'yes', 'no' or reccomending changes. If it is approved by next Saturday, it will go into effect.
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That seems... really complicated.
What in particular seems complicated? The sliding scale for exercise and calisthenics? I was thinking that if we had an official spreadsheet, then no one would have to worry about doing the calculations themself, instead people would just type in how much of everything they did, and let the spreadsheet calculate the points. In that case, I don't think it would actually be that much more complicated than it is now.

I know that was a lot of... stuff, all at once. I spent a long time thinking it through, but it's probably overwhelming all at once. I might have made it more complicated when I added all the examples, I really just wasn't sure if it would make sense to anyone except me. If you need clarification on anything, please let me know.

Alternatively, is there anything that you can think of that would make it less complicated while still keeping the scoring balanced?
It seems like a flat amount of points would be easier to keep track of. Also, the current system almost seems kind of backwards to me in that you can earn more points for the first 100 calisthenics and half hour of exercise, but fewer if you do more when doing more is much more difficult and demands a fitter person. In fact, if there were to be a difference in points, it would make more sense to reward those who did the backside-kicking workout. Thus, all things considered, I think a flat rate makes more sense.

I do like the bonus points for posting on the same day, as it might get me to move my lazy butt from the couch to the gym and then to the computer all in the same day.
I understand what you're saying. But the problem that I really wanted to address is that under the current system, you can eat junk all day and not get any sleep and do no exercise and still get spectacular points for take a half-hour to do tons of calisthenics. It doesn't seem to me that that person is any "fitter" than the person who eats healthy meals and runs for an hour.

Also, in the current system, you can avoid calisthenics all month, and then do a ton the last day to catch up. Under a scaled system, the person who does a little every day is rewarded.

(I'd also like to remind you that person doing more is still getting a higher score - it's just that the difference is no longer quite so drastic.)

If the purpose of this community was "do as many calisthenics as possible," then I would agree with you 100%. But the purpose of the community is to promote overall healthy habits, and while calisthenics is one part of that, it's not everything. A big change might take some getting used to, but we had to get used to the original system too!

I meant it before - if you can think of a way to keep the scoring simpler without putting too much emphasis on calisthenics, I'd love to hear it. I tried, but couldn't come up with an alternative, maybe two heads are better than one here!
But no negative points? I like! I think that was the absolute killer for me not really doing it before, although strangely I have been healthier. I really hate the idea of 'losing' points, it makes it all seem sort of pointless.

I think everyone would need a spreadsheet though. Simply because the way I see it, is that the time spent adding up the points could be spent on exercise. (I said could...!). It needs to remain simple.

I also think that if people don't want to totally comply with the points sysyem and just have motivation from it, then that should be alright. Like a weekly motivational post. I know that if you didn't have time to do that, then I certainly would be willing to help out. Even if it's just to give myself the motivation to do it!

Have you seen It's all a bit middle-class-american but the principles behind it are really great. It certainly made me reconsider my values regarding myself, as it were.
I intentionally didn't have any deductions. I think it's so much more rewarding to earn points than it is to lose them.

And I definitely agree that a spreadsheet would be helpful. With a spreadsheet to do the calculations, it's really no more complicated than the current system.
Personally it's so much more motivating - I'm one of those slightly neurotic, Monica-ish people, so losing points does demoralise me. *points to comment below*

It isn't complicated so much as time consuming. To do all the calculations, it needs to be as simple as possible, I think.
Obviously the sliding scale takes a little getting used to (with a spreadsheet though it wouldn't take any longer). Once we get use to that, though, I think that this might be a little simpler, because there are fewer bonuses to worry about (although I fully admit, it might seem simpler to me since I came up with it).
It seems simple to me, but what's a spread sheet?
A spreadsheet is an Excel file that would allow you to type in how much of everything you did, and it would calculate the points for you.
I kind of liked the deductions. They got me to start eating breakfast and out the door on days where I was in danger of losing points.
They do work for some people, I think. I don't know, they made me feel guilty whenever I did something 'bad', and therefore made me completely break my vow to be healthy. And I always felt it was pointless to do it, because I don't often physically have the time to sleep 8 hours a night. Maybe they need to be optional?
I think if we make deductions optional, they lose their threatening power. But see my comment below, I talked about someone could think of parts of the system as deduction, without making the rest of us think that way.
You could always look at it as losing the opportunity to gain points! I mean, if you don't eat breakfast, you never get the opportunity back to gain those five points! Similarly, if you eat junk, you lose the opportunity to get perfect points for avoiding temptations.
*agrees with*