gwailinwe (gwailinwe) wrote in l_goolb,

Where is everybody?

OK, so I tabulated points and came here to start an April log to find that... the place is empty. Where has everyone gone? Is noone doing this anymore? Are we all back on our lazy butts, eating chips on the sofa?
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I'm not. I'm up to doing 1000 calesthenics a day. I wish this place would start up again. Can I make pretty banners to help pimp the community out?
Wow! 1000! I was excited that I was doing 100! Still, that's 100 more that lgoolb has gotten me doing, so hooray!

Seriously, I have absolutely no time to work on this comm anymore, and I would love it if someone could take it over for me, a least for a while. I would gladly make you a mod if you like!
I love to become a mod, but my computer at my dad's house died, and I don't know when the new one is coming in. If the spot isn't filled by time I get my new one, I'd be more than happy to be a mod.
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first one
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Wow, those are really nice! How long will it be till you get your new computer? I'd be willing to mod until then, if someone is needed, but I don't know about doing it long term.
Thanks. It should come in by next week, but I'm not sure when. Of course, all of our stuff bought online tends to get delayed so I'm not sure how long it'll be.
Oh my god, that is BEAUTIFUL.

Well, I'd be happy to put the comm in your hands. I keep meaning to do stuff for it, but I literally have about thirty minutes on the internet a day, if that, since I don't have it at home and I no longer have it at work. I want this place to be successful and motivat-y, but I'm simply uncapable of it. So anyone who wants to take over, I'll give free reign :)
I would be willing to help out too.
I got my new computer <3 I promise to do my best to get this place active again.
Yay! I will make you a mod as soon as I get home from work, lj is blocked here.
Sorry to rush you, but how long do you think this will take? I planned on becoming affiliated with a few other communities, but in the mean time I can just pimp this place out in promotion communities.


11 years ago

I'm eating chips on the comp chair, actually...
See, I've been paying attention to stuff like water intake and calisthenics and such, and I'm all for starting this thing back up to keep the motivation going.