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February Goals

Hello again, fellow l_goolbers! I hope you're all ready for another month!

I just wanted to say that I think this is a wonderful little challenge. It's helped me change the way I think about healthy habits and now some things are just automatic! Props to kandigurl for the awesome idea!

It was a lot harder to stay on track (particularly with the fruits/veggies) when I got back to school, because honestly, who wants to eat funny colored cafeteria green beans? Ick. So, I pledge to increase my fruit and veggie intake this month, even if it kills me. Though I certainly hope it doesn't. >.>

I am sticking with upper body as a target area. I noticed marked improvement in my push-up ability as the month wore on (as in it was hard for me to do 20 modified push-ups in a row and by the end of the month I could do 100 without stopping), and I'd like to work on full push-ups this month. I've been slowly integrating them into my routine for the last week or so, but I'd like to be doing all full push-ups by the end of the month. I'm also adding my abs as a target area. More callisthenics, yay! My yoga target pose for the month: Boat.

Another little pledge for myself: I live on the fifth floor of my dorm and I pledge to always take the stairs going up (I already always take them down, because down is easy) unless I'm carrying a bunch of stuff or something heavy.
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